Every so often, there comes a point in life when you need to pause and reevaluate. I would say with all the transition of 2016, a few things have become quite clear to me. I need to clean house, and I don’t necessarily mean my physical home, we did a good bit of purging when we moved. I am talking about social circles, social media outlets, and internal baggage that seems to be weighing you down.

People, places and things… if they don’t lift you up, throw them out.

Things. Everyone may understand the ‘things’ part – if you are like me, you may have 50+ pair of Old Navy flip flops you got for a dollar, maybe it’s time you realize those cheap ass shoes are horrible for your feet. I would say we’ve cleaned out the garage at least three times in the past year – where do we get all this “stuff” from? If you are weighed down or overwhelmed by your surroundings, it could be time to go with less is more – kind of how I feel post holiday when I pack up Christmas decorations. When everything is away, the house feels much lighter. Things for me add up to noise, visual noise that interrupts my clear thinking. Likely why I tend to keep a tidy office space, if I can’t function, something needs to change. That leads into the other two areas of life, people and places.

Places. We tend to be creatures of habit, perhaps it’s your local restaurant or grocery store, your hairdresser, even your gym – sometimes when we are not feeling welcomed, satisfied or find it is no longer mutually beneficial, it’s time to branch out and start anew. In the past year, I’ve changed it all… for the most part, it has been a positive experience.

People. Perhaps the hardest to deal with is people. If you find yourself in one sided relationships, cut ties. Reason, season or a lifetime – some friendships that were once something you depended on or enjoyed, and you couldn’t ever imagined getting to this point, but they sadly have. Maybe you’ve been disappointed one too many times? If you have to continually chase a friend, more often than not, it’s just run its course. It could be nothing more than growing apart, changing circumstances – whatever the case, it’s best to recognize the situation and put your energies into people that reciprocate and appreciate your friendship.

Social Media. Nothing brings out the worst in people than social media, well one other thing, an election year on social media. I admit, I unfollowed a ton of “friends” on Facebook, I may have even unfriended some who were just downright hateful. While opinions are like assholes, some are are just not worth hearing from. Healthy debate, cool. Hateful remarks, not so much. I’ve also done the same for those people who I just no longer feel I need to share my goings on with, nor do I wish to be privy to theirs – bye Felicia (don’t worry you weren’t the only one). It is always kind of funny when I realize I’ve been unfriended or blocked, I wonder – when did that happen? But I’m not mad at it, life is cyclic.

So in regards to decluttering, sometimes it is a good thing to take a few minutes, assess what may be weighing you down, what is helpful and what is hurtful – and then rid yourself of the things that steal your joy or are what I call “Life Sucks” which may sound a little rough but life is entirely too short and totally unpredictable to surround yourself or subject yourself to people, places or things that do not lift you up or bring out the positive in you.

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