Back & I lost it all…

So funny story, I thought I had backed up my blog since 2012… Nope. All gone. Every post after Feb 2012, vanished into the internet abyss… SO, if by chance I had a stalker, or a super fan – I won’t even be mad at cha, if you’ve saved any post – tell me 🙂 PLEASE!

I can’t recreate the wheel at this point, we are talking 3 years of active blogging down the shitter… I guess that is what happens when you take a 2 year hiatus huh? I honestly don’t even know where I left off.

2016 – Joshua graduated, or maybe that was 2015? Damn. 2015. My bad. He’s in college now, putting in apps for transferring to a four year university.

We moved in 2016, not too far, just a little further south. Far enough to not be able to hit up my gym of 4 years (I think 4 years, I suck at this remembering stuff) anyway, I took almost a year off from any gym and worked out in my garage. The end of January 2017 I joined a new CrossFit gym, which I needed.

Oh I started a masters program, that has been FUN (nah, that is sarcasm) if by fun I mean stressful and frustrating… but I am in it, so god willing I will finish by winter 2018, or spring 2019.

Stephen took up fishing, embracing the Salt Life down in the Inlet. He’s pretty stoked about being on the board at the pier for his latest catch!

Gabby is finishing kindergarten, and she is wicked smart, reading on her own and voluntarily I might add… *proud*

Well that doesn’t cover all I’ve lost, or been behind. Life has been good. Sometimes it is good to start from scratch right? Maybe… No, I am still pissed I lost all those posts – BUT we are resilient and if that is the worst thing to happen to me, I’ll be a fortunate gal.

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