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Race or Rest?

March 16, 2012 - Comments are closed

I was really bummed when I received an email telling me the Pier to Pier Beach Run had been cancelled. I had already bought a new outfit too… right down to the Shamrock socks!  As I contemplated aloud about registering for a different 5k, Stephen said to me, “Why not just go for a run?” – huh, well, I guess that could work too… I need to see this as a blessing in disguise,  with a recovering IT band, and the Inaugural NC Half Marathon next weekend, perhaps I should just cool it (and stretch it, roll it, ice it and tape it)…

This really got me to thinking, when did I become so consumed with ‘racing’, and yes, I put that in those hanging commas because while it is a race, it’s never entered with the idea that I will win, which is a foreign concept to my mother who always says, “Good Luck, hope you win!” but thanks Mom :)

Anyway, when did I begin to run just to run in races, and depend on races to keep me running? Is this a normal progression? I have a few more things on the calendar, and as much as I would LOVE to add the Flying Pirate Half in the OBX in April, I need to refocus and figure out just what the heck I am doing here.

I have a personal goal, a Half Ironman before I am 40 (yes, I have like 3 more years…lol) and that is going to take some serious training! Perhaps over the weekend, I will rest, or cycle since I just got my bike back! Then, I will take some time to research some good training plans, seek out a Half IM to set my sights on, and just get to it… why wait until I’m 40 right?

Happy weekend everyone!

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Categories: achieving, Challenge, focus, Races, strength, Triathlon

Discussion (3 Comments)

  1. by Heather Fletcher

    I understand the feeling. You race and race and set you sights on the goal and before you have even finished that thought, you are already onto the next one!!
    I set myself these goals to push myself on, I don’t even think about the competitors, but as a personal hill to climb.
    Once I reach them, I move on.
    It can get obsessive (and expensive) to race every weekend.
    Not that I do that, but in my head I am already thinking what I can do to better my training or improve what skill set it is that I need to learn to improve.
    So far, I am enjoying it, hope I don’t get burned out trying to do better!!

  2. by shawntae

    Racing is so addictive! Everytime I noticed someone has signed up for a race I have to fight the urge to register. I am not one who would do well with lots of racing. First off..I’m very competitive with myself. I cant go out and run a race without pushing myself hard. Doing that every week or every other week would surely lead to an injury for me (others ..maybe not). So my plan is to pick my few races for the year..and plan to do VERY well in them! I wish I could swim …I’d definitely do the triathlon with you if I could 😉

  3. Come on why don’t you do the Tilted Kilt 5K instead on St. Pats. They’ve got 250 signed up already. BTW great recap of the Leap Ahead, I linked to it on my race calendar.