National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day!!! I am so excited about today, I know if you are not a ‘runner’ you are probably wondering why – right? Well to be honest, any day that celebrates physical activity is a good day in my book… I am excited to see what kind of turn out we will have tonight. Heather created an event on facebook and then I posted an article which is featured on a local online community news site called I guess I just wanted to get the word out that this is happening and I want everyone who can come, to show up and move!

It seems like I have a lot of balls in the air right now… almost consumed by motivating and being motivated to be active and live healthier… It’s one of those feelings of overwhelmed happy – if that makes sense? I have people to call, email, confer with… as well as studying to do – that Health Fitness Specialist exam is on the 17th – 16 days to be exact!

Remember when this last semester was coming to an end and I thought, “what will I do with all my ‘free’ time”? Well here it is… I am trying to create a huge event in the Myrtle Beach area for September, really commit to my own physical activity routine, oh and I just signed up to be an Independent Beachbody Coach to help others on their journey… so lacking things to do – doesn’t seem to be an issue!

I want to take a moment to thank my wonderful husband who says he loves that I am always going a million miles an hour, because without his support, I couldn’t do all that I do…I love you Stephen!

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  1. I wouldn't wish for you to be any other Hope than the Hope I know best! Thats the mover, the shaker and the motivator! And the best wife and mother I could ever hope for! I love you too mama!!

  2. That is great! If I lived closer I would definitely come to your events, just to meet you and Heather in person. You are very inspirational, and I love reading about your experiences.


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